Jaya Jolie's Confections - What We Offer & Pricing

Classic Cake Pops $1.50 each: 

Our Classic Cake Pops are double dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate and hand decorated.

Includes your choice of:
 - flavor
 - color scheme
 - swirls
 - stripes
 - small Ghirardelli Chocolate embellishments (flowers, bows, diplomas, grad hats, butterfly, etc.)

Flavors To Choose From:

Chocolate with a Pecan on top
White Chocolate
Cookies n Cream
Carrot with a Pecan on top
ButterPecan with a Pecan on top
Specialty Cake Pops $2.00 each:

Our Specialty Cake Pops are either triple dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate, have larger chocolate embellishments, or require more time to hand decorate.

Includes your choice of:
 - flavor 
 - color scheme
 - medium and large Ghirardelli Chocolate embellishments 

Specialty Cake Pops currently available to order:

 - Brides
 - Grooms
 - Sun
 - $3.00 each BabyRattle Cake Pops

Specialty Cake Pop Flavors To Choose From:

White Chocolate
Cookies n Cream
Butter Pecan
Red Velvet
Chocolate Cream Cheese - Specialty Cake Pop flavor
Italian Cream - Specialty Cake Pop flavor
Chocolate Coconut Pecan - Specialty Cake Pop flavor
White Coconut - Specialty Cake Pop flavor

Other Treats:

$1.50 each:
Chocolate Pecan  Flowers
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pops 

$1.00 each:
Chocolate Dipped Rice  Krispies 
Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies 
Chocolate Dipped Milano  Cookies 
Chocolate Filled Crispy Coconut Rolls 2pk
Caramel Wrapped Chocolate Dipped Pretzel

$.75 each
Pretzel Rods
Chocolate Dipped Grahams 2pk

Cake Pop Bouquets:

Bouquets come in a White Bouquet box. 

Add a Ribbon and Bow to the Bouquet Box for $2.00.

Bouquet of 6 for $11.40
Bouquet of 9 for $17.10
Bouquet of 12 for $22.80
Bouquet of 15 for $28.50
Bouquet of 18 for $34.20
Bouquet of 21 for $39.90
Bouquet of 24 for $45.60
Bouquet of 27 for $51.30
Bouquet of 30 for $57.00

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